• Your car becomes your card!
  • Enjoy your smart car services now!
  • Connected Car Commerce!
Connected Car Commerce?
  • Connected Car Commerce provided a digital ID, which contains credit card details to vehicles. With the ID, customers can receive online payment at various automobile related services such as fueling, parking, take-out, drive-thru, maintenances and etc. This is an innovative fintech platform that connects V2X.
Did you Know?
  • Mobile payments are
    becoming more & more
  • The size of the mobile
    payment market has
    jumped 4X in 2 years.
  • Secure more customers and sales
    with the implementaion of more
    convenient and smart
    mobile solutions.
  • Now customers can get
    serviced without having to
    worry about parking issues.
  • The take-out market sales
    are increasing as fast as the
    delivery market sales.
  • Now greet not only
    pedestrians but drivers
    as customers too.
  • More convenience equals to
    more regular customers.
  • The membership and marketing
    system through mobiles are
    more cost effective and the
    utilizaiton numbers
    are increasing every day.
  • Now provide customer services
    easily through mobiles.
Connected Car Commerce Services Are Opening!
  • Pickup service easier than delivery!
    Order through mobile, and hand it out right infront of your store.
    An easier and friendlier services can be provided through customer and order information. Simplification of order acception and payment process. Now greet your customers with a smile, by knowing before hand of who, what, when, and where your customers are.
  • Upset about customers turning around because of parking issues? Now provide pick-up services to all customers without parking concerns!
    No need to worry about parking issues! Customer's no longer need to wait in line or search for parking spaces. Now provide quick and easy takeout and pickup services.

  • Now manage new customers and regulars conveniently with out smart mobile CRM tool.
    Had some hardships with confirming customers, orders, points, cards, payments and etc..? Now provide membership cards, points and event coupons all at once through mobiles.
  • Now use parking and fueling like 'E-Z PASS.'

    Automatic Payment
    As much as you parked!
    As much as you fueled!
    Customers no longer need to take out their cards. Automatic payment processes as customers' cars are recognized. Provide smart in-car payment services to customers.
High Sales Drive -Thru Services!
Now Provide Them At Any Store Without Additional Facility Investments.
No More Waiting Necessary For Both Customers and Merchants!
Starting from the moment of when customer's order until they arrive at a merchant's site,
merchants will be aware of the customer's location for exact services. (No service delay time)
By setting the preparation time, merchants can
provide services based on customers' arrival time.
Now customer's nor merchant's will have to wait.
  • ALERT!
    Informs customer's ETA to merchant's.
  • Notification of orders & payment
    Order information, vehicle information, and ETA all notified at a glance.
  • READY!
    Prepare for services based on customer's ETA.
  • Preparation based of ETA
    Customers' location is intuitively sent to merchants, so plase stand by and prepare for services based on ETA.
    Provide NO-WAIT pickup services to customers.
  • Notification of exact vehicle arrival
    We alert merchant's when a customer's vehicle is 150m away. Waiting infront of your store's for customer's is
  • u